Motel Policies

You are required to present valid identification upon check-in. All of the motel rooms are strictly non-smoking. Pets are not permitted at the motel. Guests not staying at the motel are not permitted on the motel premises at any time. You may be asked to leave without a refund if you are causing excess noise or disturbance to the other guests or are in breach of any of the terms above. The person named in the booking takes full responsibility for any damage to the room or any theft of motel property by themselves or any person in the room during their stay.Your provided credit card will be charged for any such damage or theft. It is a condition of your occupancy that the motel is not liable for any damage to/or loss of property which the occupier or their guests may have brought to the property. Check-out time is 10am. The motel is a "Shared Zone" and driving within the motel is required to be at 5kmph or less at all times.  By signing this document, you have indicated that you have noted and agreed to the above conditions.

Cot and extra bed policies. Mattresses, pillows and other extra's are available for an extra fee. Age restriction: There is no age requirement for check-in. Reception Hours: 7AM-8:30PM Our service is 24/7 so please phone 03 5134 3366  for after hours service.

Payment & Cancellation policy

Cancellations on bookings more than 24 hours ahead of time will be honoured.

No refunds from some 3rd party booking agents

Covid -19 Commitment

Morwell Parkside Motel  is committed to protecting our community and our guests through COVID-19.

That's why we are a COVIDSafe Business.

Our staff takes care to ensure that all our rooms are clean and hygienic for all of ours guests. Guests are asked to stay at home if they are feeling unwell.

All our guests are encouraged to maintain social distancing and together we can stop the spread.

All our guests are encouraged to download the COVIDSafe App.   




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